10 not-quite-sexy summer favorites

Alex at Infernal Memo (one of my new favorite blogs) has asked about summer’s 10 sexiest things.

Ahem, Alex. You write for teens. Those of us who stray into middle-grade territory can’t talk about sex on our blogs. You will have to make do with the best things about summer:

1. White-chocolate raspberry ice cream at the Vancouver Folk Fest. We missed last season, breaking a 12-year streak. I plan on eating two ice cream cones to atone for this.

2. Beach picnics at Jericho, where my husband has convinced the entire family that a certain red maple grows chocolates. True? Who knows? My husband is quite good at sleight-of-hand, but if you want to come to Jericho you can judge for yourself.

3. Swimming. In lakes. You can’t grow up in the Interior and adjust to swimming in the ocean. Too much seaweed. But a lake? Despite my fear of sturgeon stirring the depths, lakes are still better.

4. Eating on patios.

5. Having time for large, elaborate breakfasts. With fresh strawberries.

6. The sense of accomplishment that comes from gazing at a half-dozen glistening jars of homemade jam. I just finished my first batch for this year: strawberry-rhubarb.

7. German plum cake, which can only be made in August from fresh Italian prune-plums.

8. I have just realized that six of the past seven items are food-related. In order to break the cycle: sleeping outside, smelling like campfire smoke and s’mores. (Shizah. Back to the food.)

9. Fruit stands. Particularly ones that allow you to sample as you shop.

And, for this summer only:

10. Having met a deadline, and having no scheduled deadlines in the future.

1 thought on “10 not-quite-sexy summer favorites

  1. Alex says:

    You are hilarious. For your information, missy, I’m setting up alexvantol.com, which will be middle-schooler friendly all the way down to the beige posts. But as for Infernal Memo…not sure what its future holds. Maybe I’ll move off to a secret site where I can post even MOAR about sex and corsets and other cheeky things.

    Great job on meeting your deadline.

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