A new year in books

Happy new year! I find I’m looking forward to many things in the coming months. Here are just a few:

New neighbours. Apparently, I haven’t passed beyond that childhood stage when you watch the moving van religiously, hoping a girl’s bike will emerge. We have two sets of people moving into the house next door, and another two sets when the duplex across the street is finished in the spring. Surely there’ll be a girl’s bike (or whatever the grown-up version of that might be) in one of those homes?

New books. I have two new books scheduled for 2014: 50 Body Questions, out this spring, and another — yet to be revealed — scheduled for the fall. My work on both of them is mainly done, so I can concentrate on confetti-making until the release dates.

New reading. I read 65 books for pleasure in 2013. I’ve resolved to make that 75 books in 2014. Already, I have The Luminaries and The Diviners underway. I also have half-read copies of Cooked and Consumed on my end table (tsundoku).

New projects. In my “time off” over the holidays, I appear to have drafted two proposals. Who knows where those might go?

Now, time to stop chit-chatting and start typing/reading/neighbour-watching. (And yikes! Why did I choose to start the year with such thick books? At this point, I’ll have nothing on the “finished” list until March!)


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