Alright, hand it over

I just finished Burmese Lessons, and now I need — NEED! — to reread The Lizard Cage. So… who has my copy?

5 thoughts on “Alright, hand it over

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not me – haven't heard of that book. Finally finished The Lacuna though and will pass it on to Jac, and she has given me Mistress of nothing.

  2. Tan says:

    This continued passing around of books is actually necessary to my marital equilibrium. If Min knew how many books I actually owned… hmmmm….

  3. Jacqui + the Dutch Boys says:

    Does he read your blog…?

  4. Tan says:

    Not usually. I think he hears enough of my rambling at home.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I checked the book case in the off chance the Lizard Cage was one of the books waiting to be returned to you…not so. Sorry.

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