Back from deprogramming

We thought we were going to Kelowna for a week, but it turned out we were wrong. The resort where we stayed had a beautiful pool, a beach, a playground for the kids, a mini-golf course, a games room, a provincial park on one side, and a horseback riding stable on the other. But it had NO internet access, phone lines, or television. Teensy little details that we hadn’t actually thought to ask about when we booked. After all… the Okanagan… fairly populated place… somewhat civilized… everywhere has wireless, right?

Needless to say, I finished all my books, two hand-me-down magazines from my brother-in-law, and even a Nora Roberts novel from the general store. (A highly entertaining read, AND I got to make fun of her vocabulary. Um… Nora… a palette is for painting, not wine tasting. But hey, you’re the one making millions, so who am I to criticize?)

More details to come…

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