Best moments

I’m going to stop talking about the TWUC AGM soon, but I wanted to share a few favourite moments:

Watching Margriet Ruurs knit during panel discussions. This is a woman who travels the world, writes books, runs a bed and breakfast, stays active in the writing community… and knits. Women truly are amazing multi-taskers.

Hearing Thad McIlroy say, “don’t be defensive; it attracts predators.” A quirky way of telling people to embrace change.

Listening to Cynara Geissler of Arsenal Pulp Press talk about being in “all spaces” — on-line, in print, in person — as a promotion strategy.

Noticing that most of the CWILL BC members at the conference — Linda Bailey, Margriet Ruurs, Caroline Adderson, Ellen Schwartz — were dressed in brown and turquoise. How did I miss that memo, and what was I doing in pink?

Marvelling that I could spend eight hours in a room that many writers and not have a single person ask about my rather black-and-yellow eye. I decided this was probably because they were all IMAGINING their own scenarios… how frightening.

Admiring the dedication of all those people who spend hours studying things like lending rights and copyright.

2 thoughts on “Best moments

  1. Thad McIlroy says:

    I really enjoyed presenting to the TWUC AGM: a great group of smart and involved people. I also thought Cynara was excellent: so clued into what’s going on, and brimming full of practical advice.

    That saying “Don’t be defensive; it attracts predators” came to me out of the blue last summer, and I added it to my “Laws of the Future of Publishing”:

    Best wishes,

  2. Tanya says:

    Thanks for stopping by the blog, Thad. I like the laws!

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