Do they have Net Nanny for this?

Is it really, really nerdy to love the Oxford English Dictionary? I just figured out that I can log into the on-line version through the library website. I’d be very happy to spend the rest of the day looking up random words.

Procrastination. First used in 1548. “Without longer procrastinacion, he assembled togither.”

Tired. First used in 1400 AD. “The hors was tyryt, and mycht no forthyr pas.”

Vacation. First used in 1386 (by Chaucer!). “Whan he hadde leyser and vacacioun From oother worldly occupacioun.”

That’s what I need. A vacacioun.

2 thoughts on “Do they have Net Nanny for this?

  1. Average Girl says:

    Oh, I’m a dictionary, definition, origins nut myself, and there’s nothing wrong with it…I don’t think…Or, maybe that’s why I have no friends?

  2. Tanya says:

    Who needs friends when you have the OED?

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