I was born in Vancouver. (This was before my parents decided to go hippie and move to Creston and plant vegetable gardens, and then go really hippie and move to Crawford Bay and sew my clothes from green velour. Not that I’m scarred. I’ve made peace with vegetable gardening. Though let’s not talk about the velour.)

That getting born thing? It happened in 1973.

I have a sister. She’s a cop. When I see her, I wave wildly and jump up and down and she pretends not to know me. But you can’t escape your genes. (See vegetable gardening, above.)

I’m a Virgo.

From 1996 to 2004, I was a graphic designer. I was a competent but not an earthshattering graphic designer. Very good at ligatures and apostrophes, not so good at art.

My parents owned a restaurant for more than twenty years. I can balance a lot of drinks on a tray, and translate “2 e s/s, wh” into: “two eggs, sunny-side up, white toast.” I can also roller skate, because the restaurant opened when I was 10 and my sister was 7, and there was a large expanse of concrete in the basement.

I went to the University of Victoria, which I loved. There were rabbits, and gorgeous creative writing classrooms lined with glass, and wise teachers, and fun and wonderful roommates who mostly still speak to me, and pubs, and theatres, and non-fiction writing workshops that I still remember.

I worked at the Forest Practices Board for eight months. The people were nice, except for the arrogant law student. The entire office was beige. The work was stifling.

I worked as a staff writer for the 1994 Commonwealth Games. It was exciting, and great writing practice, and so stressful by the end that I had to sit on my couch in the mornings and take multiple deep breaths before I could convince myself to stand up and walk out the door.

Now, I have an eleven-year-old daughter who reads like a prodigy and an eight-year-old son who climbs like an acrobat. I’m married to the world’s only Burmese occupational therapist.

My favorite food is cheese. My favorite colour is blue. I’m a dog person, but I don’t have one. I have killed quite a few goldfish. I feel bad about this. I have lovely friends who sometimes read my blog because I don’t often phone them. I love to read. And cook. And yes, vegetable garden.

8 thoughts on “Facts

  1. Bravo! You were wonderful yesterday! I heard so many comments about what a pleasure it was to see someone who can use powerpoint so well. A great presentation! Fun too! Major points were excellent. I thought I had your email to send photos along too…all the best. Ron

  2. what up please reply i am coming to see you at george maycy libary i will remind you that i emailed you thank you please read bye

  3. Love your bio Tanya! I also went to UVic, which I loved immensely. Your new Fall book, from Annick, WHEN THE WORST HAPPENS, looks exciting. David Parkins has also illustrated a few of my books in my “Great Idea” series. I, however, never was a hippie even when offered the opportunity, and I don’t have a veggie garden. I DO have two dogs and four cats though. That’s about the limit one can have in the city. Keep on publishing your great books.
    All my best, Monica

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Monica! I’ll have to look for your Marconi book — my son’s very into radio experiments at the moment.

  5. I really liked the books such as, Truth as well as, My time as Caz Hazard. Just because there different and kind of show how decisions can affect a persons life. And i really enjoyed reading your bio because it was rather interesting and funny as well. I would have to strongly agree with the part with you liking Chinese food because all I eat is honey chicken ! Your a great writer and these books were appealing to me as I was reading them.

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