Hello up there

In a dark, dark world there is a dark, dark city. And in that dark, dark city there is a dark, dark neighborhood. And in the middle of that dark, dark neighborhood there is a dark, dark field. And at the edge of that dark, dark field there is a dark, dark well. And at the bottom of that dark, dark well, there’s me, with my copy of I Live Here.

I’m not saying it’s not a beautifully conceived, well-written, and entirely worthwhile book. It’s all of those things. But yeesh! Read it at your own emotional risk.

I’m the type of person who watches scary movies with my ears plugged. That way, I don’t have to see the action and hear the music at the same time. I might do better with I Live Here if I could digest the writing and the images separately. Together, they’re overwhelming. And who knew that pictures of dolls could be so disturbing?

Does anyone have a warm and fuzzy chapter book I could read?

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