How to cause marital problems

Dear Min:

Please note this study regarding home libraries, and their effects on children’s academic achievement. Apparently, there is no such correlation between academic achievement and surround sound systems, gaming consoles, or flat screen TVs.

Therefore, I would suggest that we remove all electronic paraphenalia from the living room and erect wall-to-wall bookshelves.

Your Wife

5 thoughts on “How to cause marital problems

  1. Sarah says:

    However, in Freakonomics,I’m pretty sure they point out that it’s just because that the kind of parents who have tons of books are pretty well-educated themselves. No need to redecorate. Sorry Tanya.

  2. Deryn says:

    In this house we have a compromise. 1″ of artwork for every 1″ of media screen. The budget for the 40″ flatsreen also included a budget for 42″ of local art. Which hangs above the TV and hopefully balances out the effects…somewhat?

  3. Sarah says:

    I know, Tanya, I do support your redecorating efforts. I wish I could have a room of wall to wall bookshelves myself. But you’re just not gonna be able to justify them with that study. Just don’t tell Min. He doesn’t read this, does he?

  4. alex says:

    yah, good freakin luck with that! yes – I’m catching up on my reading!

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