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I’ve been reading Robyn Harding’s My Parents Are Sex Maniacs, which wins my prize for most giggles of the year. And it’s packed full of tiny high-school moments that I’d forgotten. Like, remember how those counsellor’s slips used to be written?

You have an appointment with Ms. Nitwit at ___________________ on _____________________.

And the counsellor would have filled in a date, leaving you to wonder why on earth she wanted to see you and whether your friends had actually TOLD the counsellor what you’d told them last week, or maybe she’d just decided you were anorexic and decided to stuff crackers down your throat like she did to that other girl, or maybe your boyfriend was actually dating four girls at the same time and everyone in the school knew except you, or maybe they’d found out about you and Brooke drinking her mother’s homemade wine at lunch hour, except then it would probably be a note from the principal, who was not actually your p-a-l pal, or maybe every single university had rejected you and she wanted to break it to you gently, in person, so you wouldn’t jump off a bridge?

What? You don’t remember that? Well, me neither.

Moving on…

Over at the Annick Press blog, they’re offering a prize for the best embarrassing-parents story. Head on over and enter, because you can win a free copy of My Parents are Sex Maniacs and then spend a weekend cackling maniacally like I have.

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