The invasion

Until this spring, my parents lived in a giant house on an acre of property. And did our whole family ever visit them at once? No.

But now that they’ve downsized, we all decided to arrive on the same weekend. As in: “Mom, Dad, there will be eleven of us here for the next eight meals.”

My parents, my family of four, my sister’s family of three, my aunt and her boyfriend.

On the way out of town, my sister and I agreed that either of us would have panicked in that situation. But Mom was very calm. And really, there’s something to be said for communal living. With that many women in the house, meals felt surprisingly easy. Even the dishes were manageable.

We had three great days together, including some time on Kootenay Lake and a trip to Fort Steele. Then the Kyi clan departed and hit the Okanagan for three days.


There’s really nothing better to complete a summer than some lake swims and some fruit-stand loot.


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