It’s a girl!

I just got an e-mail from Whitecap, and advance copies of the new Canadian Girls Who Rocked the World have arrived. Doesn’t it have a great cover? (Am I allowed to say that about my own book? It’s not like I created it — it was the talented illustrator Tom Bagley and designer Five Seventeen who accomplished that part.)

I love the wack-ily different things the girls are holding: a hockey stick, a microphone, a law book, a musket, and a dinosaur. And this is non-fiction…

This edition has a bunch of new girls added, including Canada’s first female commercial pilot, two environmental activists, a rock star, and two amazing athletes.

You could go buy one! If, you know, you wanted to, or, like, you liked me and wanted me to survive as a writer, or something like that, but, you know, no pressure…

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