It’s a good thing it’s my favorite store, or I’d have to stop going there

The people at Kidsbooks SEEM nice (such as one James McCann who I ran into there today). But, in fact, they are very sneaky.

I went in to buy one — ONE — item which I saw in the window. This is always how it begins. By the time I was half way across the store to the cash register, I was carrying three items. As per usual. And then, just before I reached the till, I had to walk The Gauntlet. That’s the bookshelf of adult tiles conveniently located right where one has to stand in line.

These are ostensibly (there’s a word I know how to spell but not how to say) books for kids with high reading levels. But really, what kid is reading The Shock Doctrine? These books are like the Smarties in the grocery aisle, except that instead of targeting toddlers, they target me!

And it works, every single time.

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