It’s all about the cheese

I did two presentations at Bayview Community School yesterday afternoon. My eye twitched for the entire morning, but stopped in time for my talk. Oh, and half way through, I went to put my hands in my pockets and realized my sweater was on inside-out. However, the students were very patient with these eccentricities and things overall went very well. They even gave me a basket of cheese, having read that that was my favourite food.

Onward. This weekend, it’s a presentation at Christianne’s Lyceum, and I hope to wear all my clothes the right way around.

It’s good to have goals.

3 thoughts on “It’s all about the cheese

  1. Sandy says:

    So you DO realize that the kids are all probably wearing things inside out now, and when you came into the room, they all thought you were SO COOL (or whatever they say now). If not, maybe they thought, “Wow, she’s Cool!” and then THEY all started wearing their sweaters inside out to emulate their mentor!?! ha ha ha.

  2. Tanya Kyi says:

    One of the moms today told me that her son said I’d taught him how to say “poo” in Burmese. That’s the only thing he remembered.

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