It’s love

I want this staircase so badly I’m hyperventilating. Of course, you’d have to choose all future books by size, rather than content…

6 thoughts on “It’s love

  1. Ooh, yeah, that’s exquisite! Want me one, too. I’ll put all the self-help books my mum feeds me on the bottom, because they’ll support any amount of bullsh*t.

  2. Hey Tanya!!!
    Just checking in on you to tell you that I’m so excited because I just spoke to our librarian at GEMS American Academy today and told her about this wonderful author named Tanya Lloyd (that’s 2 lls) Kyi and her non-fiction books and she was equally excited because she’s always looking for new authors and new books to order for the library!!!

    I’ll keep you posted…!! Woohoo!


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