Rags to riches

50 Underwear Questions has reached the illustration stage, which means I get to sit back, relax, and watch someone else work.

I found this little scrap of text on the cutting room floor, and I thought maybe some of you would be in the quiz mood. Let me know how you do…

How would you rank in the medieval world of princes, princesses, and paupers? Your underwear can tell you! You’ll have to be at home to do this activity. Empty all the underwear from your drawer, and then answer these questions:

1. How many pairs do you have?
a. One to two
b. Five to ten
c. More than ten

2. Check the tags. What is your underwear made of?
a. Hemp
b. Cotton
c. Silk

3. Where was your underwear made?
a. In your house, by hand.
b. Within your city.
c. Overseas.

Now, give yourself one point for each time you answered (a), two points for each time you answered (b), and three points for each time you answered (c). Check your score below.

3-4 points
In the medieval world, you’re a member of the common classes. You do manual labor at home or in the fields, and you have to sew your own clothes from the materials grown near your town. You also have to wash your own undies.

5-6 points
Congratulations! You’ve been asked to serve at court as a butler or a ladies’ maid. You make enough money to buy a few extra clothes. If you’re lucky, you can make a lower-class servant do your laundry for you.

7-9 points
You rule the world! As a member of the royal family, you can buy unlimited clothing. You can choose the best fabrics available, and have your choices imported from other countries. As for washing your underwear… why wash it when you can buy new pairs instead?

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