Run, Marco, Run!

The first chapter of Norma Charles’s new book Run, Marco, Run! is posted on the Ronsdale Press site and ready for reading.

Norma Charles was one of the first B.C. children’s authors I ever met. (I saw her speak at a panel at UBC’s Booming Ground workshops.) I thought — and still think — she’s the bees knees.

I double dog dare you to read the excerpt without wanting to read the whole book!

3 thoughts on “Run, Marco, Run!

  1. Norma says:

    Hey, Tanya. I’m sure glad you liked that first chapter. It’s the one chapter in the book I was the most unhappy with. Anyway, we’re planning a launch for the book on Sept. 17, at my place, probably in the afternoon. So come on over, and bring the kids. We have a big trampoline in the backyard they’d enjoy.

  2. Norma says:

    PS. I love the look of this website.
    And your new book looks really interesting.

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