And more news!

There’s a rule about blogs. One is supposed to offer interesting and entertaining content, and not talk about oneself all the time. But I have so much exciting news this week!

I’ve just signed a contract with Groundwood Books for a young adult novel, to be published in Fall 2017.* And can I say that I was already thrilled to be working with Groundwood even before they won Best Children’s Publisher of the Year in Bologna?

Next news: The Children’s Literature Roundtables of Canada have shortlisted DNA Detective for the 2016 Information Book Award. Woohoo! There are many other stellar books on the list, including Annick’s Urban Tribes, by Mary Beth Leatherdale and Lisa Charleyboy, Groundwood’s West Coast Wild by Deborah Hodge, and Kids Can’s Child Soldier, by Jessica Dee Humphreys and Michel Chikwanine. Plus lots more fodder for my to-read list!


* Sooooooo far away. Aaaaaaaaaaah. How will I last that long? People say their books are like their babies. Having had both, I can tell you that books take a LOT longer to birth.


It’s been an exciting week around here! So exciting that in the last two days I’ve shattered (and I mean shattered) a glass container on our front walk, and smashed a drinking glass in the sink. I haven’t broken this many dishes since I was pregnant. (And no, I am most definitely not!)

Part of the reason I’m all aflutter is this: 50 Burning Questions has won the Information Book Award, presented by the Children’s Literature Roundtables of Canada. The honour book is Fatty Legs, by fellow Annick authors Christy Jordan-Fenton and Margaret Pokiak-Fenton.

We had some stiff competition, including Deborah Hodge’s Up We Grow! A Year in the Life of a Small, Local Farm — one of the most gorgeous books on my personal shelves this season.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to smash more glasses.