Ten ways writing is like an addiction

1. The more writing time you have, the more you crave.

2. When you’re not writing, you wish you were. When you are writing, you wish you could stop.

3. You hide your writing habit from friends and family.

4. You have a notebook stashed in your purse and one in your desk drawer and one, for emergencies, at the back of your closet.

5. Even when you think you can quit (as in “Yes, Honey, I’ll stay emotionally present this weekend and not imagine your relatives as characters in a 19th-century farce”) you can’t.

6. When you’re having your hair cut, having lunch with your great aunt, or sitting in church, you’re planning when your next writing time will be.

7. Your writing interferes with gainful employment.

8. You neglect the children, forget to pay the phone bill, and leave the fish unfed because you’re writing.

9. You have repeatedly quit, only to find yourself, an hour later, scribbling down novel ideas.

10. You have flashes of inspiration at night, which you can’t remember in the morning.

If you think I’m kidding with all of this, take the quiz. Just replace the world “alcohol” with “writing.”

You’ll see. It’s a disease.

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