The 50 Book Pledge

I signed up to read 50 books in 2013.

By signed up, I mean I logged into a website. It wasn’t exactly a pledge in blood. But, being an incurably reliable person, I’ve faithfully tracked my reading since January. Books read strictly for research purposes didn’t count, I decided. And neither did re-reads. These had to be new discoveries.

The site tells you how many books you’ve read thus far, and how many you’re on track to read. I have to confess, during the busy days of summer with kids trailing me everywhere, I had my doubts.

But I’ve done it.

I hit 50 books earlier this month and I’ve since exceeded my quota. Which means, of course, I can finally bend the rules! Wouldn’t you know, I just happened to be rearranging my bookshelf, and my often-read copy of Sandra Gulland’s The Many Lives and Sorrows of Josephine B. fell into my hands and so…

I’m immersed in the French Revolution.

2 thoughts on “The 50 Book Pledge

  1. Jacqui

    What a good topic. Love it!

    The Welsh have a word that I love. Twp (look ma, no vowels!). It means a bit slow, daft…but in an endearing sort of way. An example:

    My next door neighbour made me an onion casserole. Very sweet of her, but somehow she managed to mix up her onions with her tulip bulbs. Yuck. Bless her; she’s a bit twp.


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