The dog ate my homework… and there was a flood

Hello blogosphere! I’ve been gone a little (lot) longer than intended. It all started out with a vacation, here:

I’d intended to blog when I arrived home, but the holiday mood struck and I did nothing for a few days, until it was time for a second vacation, here:

Last Saturday, as we drove away from our vacation house and back into cell phone range, Min’s iPhone beeped. And there, waiting for us, were messages from our neighbor and our security company. There’d been a flood. And not a minor one. We’re talking:

By the time we arrived home, the insurance company and the restoration company had arrived, and half our belongings were already in boxes. We have since renamed the house. It’s now known as the:

Needless to say, we’re not going to be living there for a few months. On the bright side, though, we have retrieved the Mac from the hands of the restoration company, and we are ensconced in a very swish Granville Island apartment. Not feeling entirely at home, but at least better off than those who live:

I’ll be back tomorrow, barring natural disasters.

8 thoughts on “The dog ate my homework… and there was a flood

  1. Happy that you’re back in the blogosphere (missed my regular reads), but sad that you’re so soggy. You’ve still got your humour, though…and perspective. Good luck with it all…!

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