Things I have lost this week

  1. My wedding ring (lost for about 18 hours; found by Min under the bed)
  2. My visa card (lost for an unknown amount of time, as I didn’t know it was missing; found on top of the washing machine)
  3. My child (lost momentarily; found where she was supposed to be… but I’d forgotten where that was)
  4. My keys (lost for 36 hours; found in the swimming backpack, where I’d already looked twice)
  5. My mind (still waiting…)

2 thoughts on “Things I have lost this week

  1. When I lose my keys, I promise my kids a candy if they can find them. It usually works within seconds. I’m losing my mind too.

  2. They are not yet smart enough to hide my keys on purpose to garner the finders fee.

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