This is NOT my brain on drugs

From the corner of my eye, I saw a blur of white rumble by. Then, as I plugged coins into the parking meter, a man walked up the sloped sidewalk behind me.

“Can I try once more?” he said to the kid standing at the corner.

“Sure,” the kid shrugged, as if this happened every day.

I was paying closer attention now, as the man tried to perch his pet on the skateboard for another ride downhill. I thought it was a fluffy white dog at first. But no. He moved to the side to balance the animal, and I saw more clearly. It was a fat white rabbit. And it hopped off the skateboard and headed for traffic before its second run.

Does this seem like a new freewrite to you? Or maybe I’ve decided to recount my wacky dreams on my blog? NO! This is exactly what I saw this morning on my way to get my hair cut. You can’t make this stuff up.

1 thought on “This is NOT my brain on drugs

  1. Deryn says:

    umm, hello? Sorry to be a pest. And I just got back from holidays, so may have the days mixed up… But is it not FRIDAY??!!??

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