Tuesday Tell-All

The question at the CWILL BC site this week smells suspiciously of Valentine’s Day:

Do you have a favorite love story?

Um, yes, actually. I have one billion. That’s an official count. All those nineteenth century novels from my English major days, my secret collection of fantasy/sci fi books, dozens of only-read-these-on-vacation titles… you get the idea.

I was trying to think of one highly-intellectual choice that would startle all of you with its originality and brilliance, but it’s possible — please don’t spread it around — that I’m not actually brilliant or intellectual and I just read what everyone else is reading and forget what I read immediately after closing the covers. Possible.

Rather that consider that option, I’m going to choose a children’s book as my favorite love story: Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partidge by Mem Fox. It’s not about romantic love, either. It’s about a little boy who loves the old lady next door.

It’s lovely. Try to read it without crying. I dare you.

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