Vancouver Writers Fest: virtual edition

It was a little odd speaking to myself in my family room and assuming — in other rooms in other places around the continent — there were people laughing at my jokes. But it was also fun to talk about my newest book, This Is Your Brain on Stereotypes. And apparently, 1200 people tuned in. (Thank goodness no one told me that until after my presentation!)

6 thoughts on “Vancouver Writers Fest: virtual edition

  1. Darlene Foster says:

    I watched your presentation and loved it. What a great book. It is our responsibility as writers to help allieviate stereotypes. You are leading the way. Thanks.

  2. Tanya Kyi says:

    So nice of you to watch! Thanks, Darlene!

  3. Danielle Xu says:

    Hello, I watched your virtual presentation with my class and I found it really interesting, I bought your book and it’s arriving next week. I have a question about stereotypes though, is there a sickness where the brain just doesn’t function in that way and they aren’t able to stereotype anything? Hopefully you see this because my teacher doesn’t know the answer and I’m really curious about this stufff.

  4. Tanya says:

    Hi Danielle! You’re right — there’s a genetic condition called Williams Syndrome that affects stereotyping. People with Williams Syndrome don’t experience social fear and they don’t discriminate based on race. (Though, interestingly, they do still group people based on gender.) It’s on page 18, once you get your copy of the book. Thanks for watching my presentation!

  5. Nayoung Jin says:

    I had felt sad to have missed this event, but then I found the video/recording of it here. Thank you, Tanya, for sharing and thank you for a really great presentation! Wonderful!

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