A cautionary tale

Min went to Costco a while ago, and arrived home with a copy of 50 Shades of Grey.

Fast forward a few weeks, and Min’s in Chapters with the kids to buy me an anniversary present. While he’s there, our five-year-old son stops in front of a large display of 50 Shades Darker and says, “I think we should get Mommy one of these.”

Min tries to lead him away.

“Daddy, we should get one of these.”

“How about a cookbook?”

“This is a series. She read the first one.”

By this time, other shoppers are smirking.

“Daddy! She’ll want this one!”

Min manages to get the boy away from the erotica table, but only by taking 50 Shades Darker along. And my son decides that if Daddy’s not going to buy it, he’s going to buy it. With his own money.

So then Min has to stand at the register as his five-year-old buys soft porn.

To top the story off, when I receive the book on the morning of my anniversary, it comes with this inscription on the title page:

How disturbing is that?

5 thoughts on “A cautionary tale

  1. Sarah

    My kids have been lobbying for an allowance. This is a good argument against letting them have “their own money.”

    It is however impressive he had enough to buy you a book. When my kids do get money, they immediately blow it on Pokemon cards and the like.

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