A new Anne fan is born

My daughter was sick for most of this week, and I was lazing around with a back spasm (something that’s not supposed to happen to those of use who are card-carrying members of the Jillian Michaels cult.) The up-side? Well, there was a screening of The Sound of Music. Good fun for both of us, with the added benefit of chasing the boys from the room.

Even better: our first reading of Anne of Green Gables. I’d forgotten how… abundant… the writing can be. We’ve had countless stops to talk about “bosum friends” and “kindred spirits” and “tragical events.” Then we had to name some of our neighbourhood geography the way Anne names hers. (A walk along Lindsay Tree Lane, anyone?) When we actually stop talking and READ, it’s wonderful. We’re both thoroughly in love with Anne, and I’m finding Marilla more entertaining than ever before.

I have to admit, Emily — not Anne — is my favourite PEI girl. I’m hoping that after we’re finished this book, my daughter will be willing to try Emily of New Moon, just to make her mother happy.

3 thoughts on “A new Anne fan is born

  1. Sarah

    All writers love Emily.

    And you know there’s about 8 more Anne books, for true fans.

    I can hardly wait until I get to read them with Fiona.


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