Serial idea monogamy

I’m working on a book proposal with war-like themes. So I called up my brother-in-law, a former poli-sci major and an encyclopedia of all things historical. Whew — a few days later I had a deluge of possible topics waiting in my in-box. I simply had to sort through and choose my favourites!

One of the most interesting parts of my non-fiction writing is the opportunity to become an expert in a strange topic, learn everything I can for six months or so, and then move on to the next topic.

I mentioned this to a dad on the sidelines of a soccer game last week and he said the same thing about his job. He’s a criminal defence attorney. He said his wife works on multi-year class-action lawsuits, but he works on a series of small files. So he learns everything he needs to know about one type of crime, then moves on.

I had no idea I had things in common with criminal defence attorneys.

In between my proposal writing sessions this week, I have plans for some strawberry-rhubarb jam making, some library visiting (Jeremy Tankard’s summer reading program illustrations are adorable), and some spot-prawn buying. I’m a little squeamish about that last one. I’ll let you know if I end the week with fingers intact!

2 thoughts on “Serial idea monogamy

  1. sandy

    I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but there is an unwritten rule that police officers and criminal defence lawyers don’t mix. Actually, we’re more like mortal enemies (in a half joking, half not sort of way). Sorry side lines guy – I call dibs on my sister 🙂


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