All good news

There are many things to feel Pollyanna-esque about, here in the world of Kyi.

  • I did two more very fun school visits arranged by the Fraser Valley Regional Library. Would you believe that along with all the other cool stuff I listed last week, the Terry Fox Library in Port Coquitlam also has a reading buddy program, matching teen readers with small children, and a teen advisory board? I wish I were qualified to join that board…
  • In other good news, we have not yet been crushed by an earthquake.
  • Finally, I’ve submitted my new 50 Questions manuscript! And in the mental process of (A) my manuscript rocks, (B) I think it may have some issues, and (C) the editor says the whole thing needs an overhaul, I’m still happily sitting at step A.

It has been a ridiculously busy October. But now I have coffee made, a stash of Halloween candy at my side, and nothing but fun writing to do for the rest of the week.

Happy Halloween!

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