Allegory shmallegory

The San Diego Mamma assignment of the week is to write the opening page of a screenplay. And since I spent a few minutes this morning reading about the American government bailout…

Title: Bad Parenting

Music: No idea. I have a tin ear. But I can hire a consultant for this part, right?

Opening Scene:

(Camera pans around a teenage boy’s bedroom, complete with a recharging iPhone, a stereo, a digital camera, an XBox, and a computer. World of Warcraft is playing on the computer.)

Father (pulling out his wallet): Didn’t I just give you an advance on your allowance last week?

Son: Well how was I supposed to know things wouldn’t work out this week?

Father: Good point. But what happened to the money?

Son: Well, I leant out some, but my friends, like, couldn’t pay me back. And then some other friends lent me some, but I had to buy some extra WoW gold on-line, so it’s, like, gone, and now they want some of it, and…

Father (checking his watch, late for work): Okay, okay. How much do you need?

Son: A hundred would totally do it.

Father (handing over the cash): Don’t ask for more next week.

Son: Um… yeah… okay…

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