An Interview With the Author

Happy New Year! To start 2012, we bring you this interview with author Tanya Lloyd Kyi:

TK: Welcome, Tanya! How was your Christmas?

Tanya: It was okay.

TK: Just okay?

Tanya: Some parts were lovely. But my entire family was sick. My son went down on the last day of school, followed a few days later by me, followed a few days later by Min, followed on Christmas morning by my daughter, who narrowly missed throwing up on her Christmas stocking.

TK: Um… gross.

Tanya: Exactly. And I always have this idea that Christmas vacation will be a winter wonderland. I have childhood memories of sledding and skating and cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. This did not happen.

TK: It could be because you live in a rainforest where it sort of… rains. All the time.

Tanya: If certain people weren’t coughing up their lungs, we could drive to the mountains.

TK: Good point. Are you sure, though, that you’re not idealizing your childhood winters? You must have gotten sick then, too.

Tanya: Do you think? I listened to Dylan Thomas read A Child’s Christmas in Wales, and it all seemed so real.

TK: Did you grow up in Wales?

Tanya: No. But I like humpback whales. And the name Lloyd is Welsh.

TK: Not quite seeing the connection…

Tanya: The candy cigarettes, and the frail teacup-like great aunts, and the 12 days of snow at age 6 are all the same.

TK: Let’s leave the topic of Wales for the moment. While you were stuck inside, did you get any writing done?

Tanya: Mostly laundry.

TK: Are you going to be morose and bitter all season? Because this blog is going to get less entertaining.

Tanya: I think I’m done now.

TK: Any last words you’d like to share?

Tanya: I do have one thing to share. One really, really exciting thing. It doesn’t really mesh with the tone of this post, though, so I’m saving my good news until tomorrow.

TK: That seems like a dirty trick to make sure I come back. Because I have to say, this visit wasn’t inspiring.

Tanya: I’m fine with dirty tricks. You should come back tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “An Interview With the Author

  1. Sarah

    If its any consolation, my daughter also had projectile vomiting – in full view of a group of 12 people who had just finished a satsifying meal of my creation.

    I think you are looking at your idyllic Christmas breaks from the perspective/distance of the child. Your mother might have other things to say. There are childhood photos of me and my siblings at Christmas where all five of us kids have measles spots visible in the shot. Definitely not so idyllic from my mother’s perspective.


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