And no more dead ponies, either!

I’ve just finished reading Gillian O’Reilly’s article in the summer issue of Canadian Children’s Book News. It’s called “No More Lord of the Flies“… and so, of course, reminded me of the “no more Lord of the F*ing Flies” retired teacher-librarian I met recently.

Gillian offers all sorts of suggestions for Canadian novels that could replace stale school reads. Elijah of Buxton instead of To Kill a Mockingbird. The Breadwinner instead of Of Mice and Men. And let me tell you, as someone forced to read Steinbeck’s The Red Pony in high school, I thoroughly agree! (If you missed this one, the pony dies. After interminable pages of boredom, the pony dies.)

Incidentally, why has no one studied the possible connection between teen suicide and Steinbeck on high school reading lists. Doesn’t it seem rather obvious?

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