B is for “Be careful, that microphone’s on…”

Wow. There are crazy things going on in Toronto this week. Who ever heard of a mayor calling a children’s author the B word?

Coincidentally, I just finished reading Vikki VanSickle’s Words That Start With B, which I loved. Funny and unexpected and poignant. And one of those books that contains much more than promised in the back cover copy.

I read it partly because the author and I have some mutual friends. I also received a manuscript critique recently which read: “Some of the themes you are tackling have been dealt with in other books — a recently passed away mother in Words That Start With B…”

No one likes to hear her book has been done elsewhere, better. Fortunately, Words that Start with B does not actually deal with a recently deceased mother. Nope, no dead mothers to be found. My editor must have been thinking of some other title, which frees me to like this book without restrictions. Yay B Words!

You also have to like anyone who would speak in public at 4:30 a.m., and tweet this: “Rob Ford thinks I’m a bitch, but I think he’s a bully.”

2 thoughts on “B is for “Be careful, that microphone’s on…”

  1. Vikki VanSickle

    Hi Tanya! Thanks so much for posting this. I’m glad you enjoyed the book, it deals with characters and issues that are near and dear to me heart.I believe that words (b or otherwise) are powerful, and your kind words have made my day.

    Be brave!
    Vikki VanSickle


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