Beach days ahead

School’s out for summer!

I worked frantically for the last few weeks to get a non-ficton draft off to Annick and a fiction manuscript off to my agent, all in preparation for impending full-time motherhood.

I thought about putting this blog on hiatus for the summer, but I’ve since reconsidered. After all, this little site has kept me writing through long days of diaper changes and spoon feeding. I’ve typed posts one-handed while nursing and composed plenty of them in the park while pushing kids on swings. I’ve been grateful to have an outlet that kept me writing, even when it was just a few lines.

This year, with both kids in school full-time, I’ve posted a little less often. Not because I’ve been feeling less creative, but because — finally! — I’ve had more time to work on longer projects.

All of this is to say… who the heck knows what will happen here this summer!?! I may disappear for days on end, or I may be here in every spare moment, happy to scribble a sentence or two.


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