Beach reads… sort of

Did I mention I woke up ridiculously early, all through last week’s vacation? Well, nothing like early mornings to catch up on some reading.

I LOVED Tzeporah Berman’s This Crazy Time. With the exception of a couple despair-inducing climate change chapters in the middle, the book is a fairly hopeful look at the potential for environmental change. Tzeporah’s stories of her Clayoquot days and Greenpeace exploits are highly entertaining. You may have to donate to Greenpeace and/or chain yourself to a log boom after reading it, but those aren’t necessarily bad things, right? I’ll tell you what… let me know when you’re going, and I’ll meet you in the harbour.

I also read three children’s books which didn’t seem like children’s books AT ALL: Firegirl, Coraline, and The Whispering Road. All excellent, but yeesh… I have to pay closer attention to what my daughter’s reading.

The final book of the holiday was Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland, brought for bedtime read-alongs. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Although I have to say, the duchess shakes that pig/baby an awful lot. Hopefully my children are impressed by my parenting skills in comparison.

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