Beach “views”

It didn’t seem right to have lived in Vancouver for 16 years without ever visiting Wreck Beach. So, when I happen to be at UBC early one morning, I took the opportunity to nip down and check the place out.

Check out the place, I said! Not check out the naked people. No, it was too early in the morning for anyone except a few hungover partiers, who appeared to be dragging themselves off the sand.

It’s a gorgeous beach.

And I had to laugh, in an English-geek sort of way, at this sign:

It made me want to ask the parks people: what exactly IS the difference between staring and gawking? And can you gawk without staring?

Maybe if I ever go back in full daylight, I’ll find out…

2 thoughts on “Beach “views”

  1. Sara

    Hi Tanya – to me, gawking implies some sort of mouth-wide-open expression, while staring is just, well, staring!


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