Better apps for everyone

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I have a fantastic app concept. It would look exactly like the official Weather Network app, except instead of showing the real weather, it would display a row of five sunshines, no matter what.

Doesn’t that sound like a happy idea?

Today, I had another brainwave. An app specifically for writers. Each morning, you get a message along the lines of, “Our virtual editor just read yesterday’s words. They were amazing!” A little random encouragement. Then it tracks your real-life editing changes, revisions, and rejections. Whenever the number of changes hits a critical level, or whenever you get too many rejections in too short a time period, it kicks into gear with positive reinforcement. Maybe it calls the local chocolate shop and automatically orders a shipment. Or it checks the iCal and pre-books you a pedicure.

Obviously I should quit writing and embark on a career in app design.

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