Big news!

My friend Deryn Collier (who I know through our mutual friend Brandy, who I know because she went to high school with my sister — did you follow that?) has a new book coming out!

I am what is technically known as a “big chicken” and Deryn writes crime fiction, which I can’t usually read without biting my nails and getting nightmares. But I will be reading Confined Space.

I’ll be reading it the moment it comes out in June, from Simon & Schuster, and I can’t wait!

Check out the publisher’s blurb:

When respected ex–Canadian Forces commander Bern Fortin cuts short his military career to take a job as the coroner for a small mountain town in the heart of BC, he’s hoping to leave the past behind. Bern’s looking forward to a quiet life, but the memories of what he witnessed during his stints in Afghanistan and other war-torn countries haunt him still.

When the body of one of the workers is found floating in the huge bottle-washing tank at the local brewery, Bern is called in for a routine investigation. What first appears to be a tragic accident takes a menacing turn when the body of the worker’s girlfriend is discovered in a nearby field. Bern needs the help of brewery safety investigator Evie Chapelle, who, burdened by tragedies she might have prevented, is more determined than ever to keep her workers, and their tight-knit community, safe. Soon, Bern and Evie find themselves risking their jobs — and their lives — to uncover a killer hiding in a place where it is awfully hard to keep a secret.

Deryn Collier’s debut novel is a taut mystery full of suspense. Confined Space was shortlisted for the Arthur Ellis Award for best unpublished first crime novel by the Crime Writers of Canada.

Hmmm… a small, mountain town with a brewery. A place where you can’t keep a secret. Now, why does that sound so familiar?

Maybe I’ll send Deryn my big-haired grad picture and see if she can make me a character in book two.

2 thoughts on “Big news!

  1. Deryn

    Oh, how wonderful are you? YES. I want that photo. Really, I do. But fair warning, even sweet, big-haired characters have been known to not survive the whole book.

    So sweet of you Tanya! Thank you.


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