My family and I headed to the Beaty Biodiversity Museum on Saturday morning, them for fun and me to do a little research for an upcoming project.


What an amazing place! I’d been there before as part of Celebrate Science, but I’d only gotten as far as the giant whale skeleton and the auditorium. I’d seen none of the exhibits. There are aisles and aisles (and more aisles) packed with every specimen you can imagine, from mammoth bones to bird eggs.


As we were combing through these displays on Saturday and my kids were exclaiming about bison, I whispered to Min: “We’re raising complete nerds.”

Then I noticed my son was dressed entirely in grey, and called him a grey man from the Wheel of Time books, and got myself completely blamed for their genetics.



After the museum, we filled the weekend with not one, not two, but THREE kids’ birthday parties, followed by a trip to see Captain America. I will be entering a sensory deprivation tank for the rest of the week.

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