Bipolar disorder and climate change

I often skim through Treehugger, and yeesh… reading those headlines is the best way to make a girl feel bipolar.

Here are just a few of them I saw yesterday:
Is Suburbia Doomed? Not According to Joel Kotkin
DIY Idea: Beautiful Vintage Birdcage Chandeliers
IKEA to Expand US Solar Investment to 75% of Stores

So far, feeling pretty good. Right? And then:
Proboscis Monkeys Threatened by Ecologically Insensitive Malaysian Palm Oil Plantations
COP17 UnMerry-Go-Round: US Delays, Canada Obstructs…
Oil Prices Spiking Again; When Will We Ever Learn?

The only one of these articles I fully read was the one about the COP17 climate talks, and that tipped me to the bottom of the depression scale.

I’ve decided the only reasonable response to the entire Durban conference is prayer.

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