Birthday madness

What a weekend. We started with a soccer game, then took an ear-piercing trip as requested by my daughter (birthday celebrations beginning a day early this year), and we finished Saturday off with a BBQ at a friend’s house.

Sunday, it was off to the Child Run. The girls baked cupcakes in the afternoon while the boys went to someone else’s soccer birthday party, and then… what perfect way to top off a busy weekend?


Yes, Costco. Because we had a babysitter, and that’s the kind of romantic thing that Min and I do on our dates. We buy massive bags of quinoa.

It’s off to more birthday celebrations today, but not until after some coffee and a little quiet writing time.

1 thought on “Birthday madness

  1. sandy

    There’s no excuse for a date to Costco. Oh wait a second….what I wouldn’t give for a Costco closer than 7 hours away!!! Ha ha! It’s not where you go, it’s that you go there together 🙂


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