Blog lessons

I was pondering the blogging process this morning, and I came up with three mini-lessons I’ve learned from writing in this space:

  • There are always ideas. Every single week, I think, “What am I going to post about? I haven’t done anything writing-related. I’ve got nothing.” And then, half an hour later, I’ve written a blog post. (One might argue that many of my posts are about nothing, and so shouldn’t count as successful idea-generating exercises, but I would say that even rambling is a creative endeavour.)
  • First sentences sucketh. Almost every single time I write a post, I have to go back and delete my opening. Apparently, concise introductions aren’t my thing.
  • In a related lesson, what I think I want to write about is often not what I really want to write about. Often, I discover my true intensions somewhere in the middle.

All of these apply to writing on a larger scale. I just took out the first page of my work-in-progress, for example, and moved it to chapter three. And who the heck knows where I’ll end up?

Hmmm… maybe I meant to be writing about aliens.

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