You know how I like serendipity, right? Well, I just finished Robin Wheeler’s Food Security for the Faint of Heart, which I had to read on the sly, because Min kind of… freaked out… every time he saw the book. (He’s one of those “resistors” that Robin talks about. I, on the other hand, am going to be the Betty Freakin’ Crocker of the neighborhood next time there’s a natural disaster.)

Back to the point. I turned the last pages, went to the computer, clicked on Craigslist, and there, flashing like a neon sign, was an ad for a pair of Jersey Giant Chickens!

These are beautiful chickens that are the largest breed of chicken. They have glossy black feathers that shine green in the sunlight. They were hatched at the end of October so will be ready to start laying in March. You are buying them just as they are maturing and will be ready to lay during their most productive age and in the spring. The Jersey giant chicken lays large brown eggs. These are very gentle chickens and eat food out of my grandchildrens hands. They even get along with our dogs! they can range between 10-13 lbs as adults. They would make a lovely addition to a small family farm. $25 for the pair.

Now if that’s not serendipity, what is?

I’ll give the first dozen eggs to the person who can convince Min to buy them.

5 thoughts on “Bok!

  1. Jean

    We have three hens. Great backyard entertainment, daughter loves them and teaches them tricks, they weed my garden for me and we get 2 or three eggs each day.
    Chickens. The answer to everything.
    Oh! And…my compost has never…composted so quickly and easily.
    Everybody needs a couple of hens.


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