Bonus pay

I spent the last few days working in Victoria, staying at the lovely Chateau Victoria near the Empress and the Parliament Buildings.


I woke up each morning and ate breakfast in the top-floor restaurant while watching the sun rise over Mount Tolmie and the ocean. I wandered down Government Street and stopped in at Murchie’s and Munro’s Books before heading to my 9:30 meetings.

It was lovely.

I think organizations could cut costs if they only hired moms. Because really, they wouldn’t have to offer payment. They could just say: “King-sized bed. By yourself. Breakfast made. Dishes done.”

Sign me up, anytime!


2 thoughts on “Bonus pay

  1. Sandy

    I heard the woman who built and owned Bolen books passed away recently. That was my favorite bookstore in Victoria. Always had a great selection. 🙁


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