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10 thoughts on “Book Table

  1. Rayna

    I really liked your book called girls who rocked the world. We used it in a project for school. We are in a grade 5 class at Crofton House School. Our teacher is Vicky Harris. She told us that you know Mark Fischer.

    1. Tanya Post author

      Thanks, Rayna! I know them both. Say hi to Ms. Harris and Mr. Fischer for me. And thanks for stopping by my site!

  2. Rayna

    Sorry for restating what I said before. I just checked and it said that my comment hadn’t been posted so I tried again.

  3. Madison

    I really thought your book girls who rocked the world was really inspiring and I really liked it. Also my teacher Mrs. Harris told us that you know Mr. Fischer.

  4. Tanya Kyi

    Thanks, Rayna! There are some American versions of Girls Who Rocked the World and Boys Who Rocked the World which include characters from all different countries — you might be able to find copies in the library if you’re interested. They’re by Michelle Roehm McCann. Happy reading! 🙂


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