Boy talk

Someone asked me recently why I chose a male protagonist for Anywhere But Here, and how I managed a male voice. Both questions have the same answer: I chose a guy because I didn’t want my main character to be too reasonable, and guys’ brains work in strange and alien ways. For example…

Guys use nicknames. I don’t spot my friend Shanda and yell, “Hey, Shandski” or “Shandmeister” or “The Shand.” I don’t call her by her last name. I don’t call her “bro” or “man” or “bud.” Guys do all of these things. ALL the time. (I have no idea why. I’m not here to explain the male brain. Just to report my observations.)

According to a parenting book I read about communicating with boys, males think best while moving. And from experience, I know that they can’t think at all when confronted by an angry woman. So, if my male protagonist is going to have a major realization, he’s unlikely to have it during an intense conversation. He’s more likely to have it in the car on the way home.

Guys are more likely to show sadness as anger. So while a heartbroken girl protagonist can cry in the bathroom, my heartbroken male protagonist is going to pick a fight instead.

Anyone else have deep thoughts to offer on this alien species?

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