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So many people have e-mailed us to ask about Min’s family in Burma, that I thought I’d post an update.

We still haven’t been able to get in touch with all of Min’s dad’s relatives. His mom’s side of the family is safe, thank God, and has escaped the worst of the storm. Most of the family lives together in a village-like compound called Kadoenwe. There were some parts of roofs torn away, and one house was slightly damaged by a falling mango tree, but there were no serious injuries. They have no running water at the moment. However, there is a well in the compound and they are able to boil water for drinking.

An American relative with the foreign service sent us this update:

“Heard finally from [family] that all are okay. Roof blown off house. Lots of wind and water damage. Water standing 4 feet above ground. Car flooded. Looters in the house. Gas is $10 a liter. Cellphone only commo … and that depends on running generator at the microwave tower … so is spotty. No water, electricity or food.”

Sadly, the families with overseas relatives and access to U.S. dollars are far better off than most of the population. We’re sending our prayers to those hit by the worst of the storm, some of whom live on islands that are now completely without communication or transportation.

The same American relative wrote:

“Sat[ellite] photos show the Irrawaddy delta just wiped out … there were millions living there under very humble circumstances. Anticipate if truth be known the death toll will end up in the hundreds of thousands.”

The latest CBC news is here.

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