Buying Fame

“What is this?” Min asked me, pointing to his iTunes email. “Some dork wearing a pink half-top has cracked my account.”

“Um… that was me.”

To be clear, I was not wearing a pink half top. But I had bought an entire season of the TV show Fame. You see, my daughter wasn’t feeling well. She was watching these horrible cartoons on TV, and I started thinking about my absolute most entirely favorite show when I was her age: Fame. So I suggested we watch it together. I was so excited about the idea that I bought not one episode, no, but the entire season.


To Min, later, I said: “Remember when you told me how much you loved soy sauce Spam and eggs with fried onions when you were a kid? And then you insisted on cooking some, and it was horrible?”

That’s exactly what happened to my TV memories. Sadly, Fame has gone the Spam-and-eggs route, and there’s a reason that re-runs don’t play on daytime TV.

A small, 9-year-old part of my soul is crushed.

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