Buying spree

A friend (obviously one who knows me well!) bought me a gift certificate to Duthie’s, so I went on a shopping spree this weekend. I bought A Birth House, after listening to a wonderful interview with the author, Ami McKay. She moved into a house that used to belong to the community midwife, and hearing the neighbor’s stories apparently set McKay on a multi-year research and writing path, discovering the lives of midwives in past generations.

I also bought Icefields. I heard someone say that the mountains in the book are so alive that they are almost characters themselves. Intriguing…

And, I bought Fancy Nancy’s Favorite Fancy Words. I’m not too keen on the way Fancy Nancy has become her own brand name (or maybe I’m just jealous), but my daughter and I are both in love with her, so I couldn’t resist.

I’m off to do some reading…

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