‘Cause that’s how they do it in Katroo

Following up on yesterday’s post, and the idea that everyone sucketh sometimes, there’s a fascinating post over at Booktryst about an unpublished Dr. Suess manuscript.

It seems that Dr. Suess has self-rejected here, casting this manuscript aside. His assistant asks him to reconsider, and the writer explains the problem with the work. He’s not at all defensive. He’s not emotional. He’s simply embraced the idea that not every bit of scribbled brainstorming is going to turn into a published work.

(On a side note, I happen to love Dr. Suess. More than my kids do. Which really isn’t fair. One of the benefits of having children should be unlimited Dr. Suess read alouds. And if my very favourite title is Happy Birthday to You! I should be able to read it before bedtime even if it does happen to be excessively long. So snip that with snoppers, kids.)

1 thought on “‘Cause that’s how they do it in Katroo

  1. Deryn

    The Lorax is my fave – and still so a propos! Funny, my kids didn’t go in big for The Cat in the Hat and a few others that I loved. Maybe it’s because there are so many more amazing kids books to choose from now. A trend Dr. Seuss started, of course…
    Hey, welcome back. I hope all is well, or at least OK, in your world! 🙂 D.


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